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Healthy Lunches by the Lunch Lady

Dear Parents,

The Lunch Lady is delighted to offer our hot lunch service to children attending Banbury Summer Camp.

Meals are prepared in a commercial inspected facility.

There are no nuts in our kitchens and no nuts in any of our ingredients.

If you have a child with allergies or special food needs , please call me. I am happy to help.

Our service will be available twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.

Here are our choices

Each meal is $6.40

  • Grilled Cheddar Cheese Sandwich on whole wheat bread, side ketchup and Side Cucumbers
  • Baked Chicken Nuggets, side plum sauce, Potato Wedges
  • Spaghetti and Beef Meatball, Veggies and Dip
  • Premium Turkey Hot Dog, side condiments, Carrots and Dip
  • Cheese Tortellini, Tomato Sauce, Veggies and Dip
  • Veggie Hot Dog, side condiments, Carrots and Dip

To Order

  • Have you ordered from the Lunch Lady before?  If so, and I am NOT your regular Lunch Lady, please call me first. I will have to help you set up a new account - 647-294-9301
  • If I am your regular Lunch Lady - please set up new STUDENT accounts under your Camp Name and place your order.
  • If you are new to the Lunch lady, go to >ORDER NOW and request an account under CAMP - Banbury Summer Camp , set up accounts for your campers and place your order.

Enter the codes that match your choices on the days you wish to order and pay by VISA, VISA DEBIT, MASTER CARD, INTERAC after entering and saving each camper. Pay once at the end.
Remember I am just an email or phone call away if you have any problems.
Mobile: 647-294-9301



The Lunch Lady




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